Daytona Carbs.......

I get asked this question a lot “is there a decent replacement carb for my 6 cylinder” and the answer is YES!


One being the Weber 32/36 or 36/36 and the second is the Daytona Universal single barrel.

I have a nice Weber/Holley 5200 32/36 which is still sitting on my bench. I have been to lazy to swap it out.


Last month I was able to get my hands on one of these Daytona carbs so I figured what the heck let me slap it on and see what happens.


First off, my specs in my 63 are as follows: 1966 200CI, T5, 3.50:1 rearend, 1970 stock distributor with a Pertronix unit and an Air-Tex electric fuel pump # E8016S 9 max PSI.

I have owned my 63 for 10 years, it's a daily driver. Same carb for all 10. It's a Holley 1940. The carb has never given me any issues other then I could never get the idle down below 900RPMs. Car starts every time.


The Daytona Universal carb is a manual choke carb with an idle adjustment, mixture adjustment and a adjustable external high speed main jet. It comes with everything you will need to do the swap including gaskets, 2 different fuel line fittings, 2 different arms to connect your stock linkage, the air cleaner mount, your stock air cleaner base will have to be modified), fuel filter, rubber hose pieces, and a very detailed instruction manual.


After a 10 minute install, I turned the key and the car fired right up. Daytona carbs gives you a sequence on adjusting the carb. Let your engine get up to running temp to start off. Then turn the idle down to about 450-500 RPMs. Next you adjust the High Speed main jet adjustment located on the front of the carb. This is done by holding your throttle at 2/3rds open while running, turn the screw clockwise in until the engine starts to lose RPM,s, then counterclockwise until max RPM is achieved and your done. I did talk to there Tech rep and he did say the screw is usually flush or out a hair in 99% of the applications he has seen. Mine is backed out about one thread on the screw. Next adjust the mixture screw as you would any other carb, and finally adjust the RPM's. I have mine set at 550.


I noticed I huge difference right off the bat, my idle is much smoother. Time for a test drive. The difference was incredible. Zero hesitation, no flat spots. I had the car up to 85 in 4th and it could have easily kept on going. (I was in a 35 MPH zone lol).


I have been running the carb for 2 weeks now and am extremely pleased with it and would highly recommend it. Is at as good as a Weber swap as far as adding a real kick in the pants acceleration, probably not, but it is a very simple swap, that any level car guy/gal could do.


Daytona Carbs is located in Florida. Great people to deal with. The tech rep is really easy to talk with and was extremely helpful.



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